Family Diversity Education Council - Bringing together Advocates, Practitioners, & Researchers
About the FDEC
Our organization is a non-profit corporation, serving its members around the world.
We are a group of Advocates, Practitioners, and Researchers interested in generating, sharing, and disseminating knowledge related to issues of family diversity and family-school-community relationships.
Executive Board Members
Tammy Turner-Vorbeck, Ph.D., Purdue University
Monica Miller Marsh, Ph.D., Kent State University
Catherine Hands, Ph.D., Brock University
Advisory Board Members
Jean Clandinin, Ph.D., University of Alberta
Stephanie Coontz, M.A., The Evergreen State University
Carl Grant, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
Beth Graue, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
William Howe, Ph.D., Quinnipiac University, Albertus Magnus College, University of Connecticut
Angela Jaime, Ph.D.,University of Wyoming - secretary/treasurer
Guofang Li, Ph.D., Michigan State University
Gerardo Lopez, Ph.D., Loyola University
Debbie Pushor, Ph.D., University of Saskatchewan
Rema Reynolds, Ph.D., Azusa Pacific University
Headquarters Location
Family Diversity Education Council
839 Main Street
Lafayette, IN 47901
(765) 807-0709
Publications by FDEC Members
(click on the publication title for a link to more information on that publication)
Other Kinds of Families (2008), Turner-Vorbeck & Miller Marsh, Teachers College Press
(Mis)Understanding Families: Learning from the Real Families in Our Schools (2010), Miller Marsh & Turner-Vorbeck, Teachers College Press
(2011) edited by
Janice Huber, M. Shaun Murphy, and D. Jean Clandinin
(2011), edited by
Julian Kitchen, Darlene Ciuffetelli Parker and Debbie Pushor
Based on exhaustive research and interviews, and challenging both conservative and liberal myths about Betty Friedan, A Strange Stirring reveals how a generation of women came to realize their dissatisfaction with domestic life didn't reflect a personal inadequacy but rather a social and political injustice. Coontz examines women's changing status from the 1920s through the 1950s, compares the dilemmas of working-class and middle-class women, white and black, in the early 1960s, and illuminates the new mystiques and new possibilities facing men and women today.
Multicultural Families, Home Literacies, and Mainstream Schooling (2009). Guofang Li, Information Age Publishing
Persistent Inequality: Contemporary Realities in the Education of Undocumented Children (2009), María Pabón López and Gerardo R. López, Routledge
Book Chapters:
Multiple Pathways between Home and School Literacies (2008) Hill & Nichols in Early Childhood Education: Society and Culture, 2nd Edition, (edited by Anning, Cullen & Fleer), Sage
Representations of Families in Curriculum: A Poststructural Analysis (2006), Turner-Vorbeck in Social Studies-The Next Generation (edited by Segall, Heilman, & Cherryholmes), Peter Lang
Journal Articles:
Asking, listening, and learning: Toward a more thorough method of inquiryin home-school relations (2011), Kroeger & Lash in Teaching and Teacher Education 
Expanding Multicultural Education to Include Family Diversity (2005), Turner-Vorbeck in Multicultural Education
Book Reviews:
Families as We Are: Conversations from around the World by Perdita Huston (2003), Turner-Vorbeck in Journal of Critical Inquiry into Curriculum and Instruction, 5 (1)
Forthcoming Publications by Members  
(in press), edited by
Catherine Hands & Lea Hubbard
Beyond Coffee with the Principal: Toward leadership for authentic school-family partnerships (in press), by Susan Auerbach in Journal of School Leadership 20(6), 730-759